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Almaris Online Assessment System


We now offer a comprehensive online assessment system. The assessment system has advanced testing capabilities, it is easy to use, and affordable. Please click the links on the left for a detailed description of the system from the perspective of an administrator and a participant (a test taker). We also offer a separate system for those who want to prepare for accounting and finance interviews.

How is our system different

Questions with tables of numbers

Most online systems only allow multiple-choice questions or a question with a text answer. However, most settings in accounting and finance require an ability to fill out a table of numbers. Our system allows questions with blank tables of numbers that a participant must fill out. These questions are ideal for long and realistic problems, such as those involving spreadsheets, where a participant must fill out a set of related numbers in a table.

Flexible question formats

Our system allows multi-part questions and questions with tables of numbers that can be interspersed with multiple-choice questions in a flexible format. Our system adapts to your needs rather than force you to use a set of pre-defined templates.

No plug-ins or downloads required

Our system works in all modern browsers on all operating systems. It does not require any local installation of plug-ins and works through fire walls.