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Analysis Consulting

Areas of expertise

This page describes our expertise in the overall analytical issues. For analysis of specific financial statement items, please click here. For training related to these topics, please click here.

Linking analysis to modeling and valuation

  • Identification and analysis of six key value drivers: Size, Growth, Margins, Net asset turnover, Business risk, and Financial risk
  • Connecting business models to value drivers
  • Developing performance measurement metrics such as ROI, cash flow yield, adjusted EBITDA, and value creation
  • Removing accounting distortions due to non-recurring items
  • Separating core operating numbers from non-core operating numbers
  • Separating enterprise items from financial items
  • Benchmarking and peer comparison

We also analyze financial statements for red flags using our forensic accounting expertise:

  • Timing of revenue recognition and expense recognition
  • Changing the classification of expenses to portray them as non-recurring
  • Changing the classification of cash flows and indulging in non-cash transactions to boost operating cash flows and free cash flows
  • Understanding leverage and volatility