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Expiry Date

Why does the software have an expiry date?

As mentioned on the versions page, all versions have an expiry date. We do want you to be fully aware of the expiry date before you buy the software. You will have to buy a fresh copy of the software once your copy is expired. Given the already low price of the software, we do not offer any special upgrade pricing for those who are upgrading from an expired version. The fresh copy will not be downloadable on the net; you will receive the new software after your purchase. Please allow sufficient time for delivery if your software is near the expiry date.

We are frequently asked: "Books don't expire, why should the software expire?" First of all, you are free to print out any or all of the pages and keep them indefinitely. The reasons for the expiry date for the software are as follows:

  • The notion of expiry date is quite old in the corporate market. A significant number of site-licensed software systems are subject to annual renewal.

  • The expiry date is set at roughly 2.5 years from the date of release. Since the software is updated annually, this allows a typical user enough time to use and review the software. This contrast with web-based learning products that typically allows access only for 3 to 6 months.

  • When you buy a license to the software, you are in effect buying a subscription to use the software. This subscription model allows us to lower our prices significantly.

  • The software uses software development engines from companies such as SumTotalSystems and Installshield. Changes in operating system and browsers have continually led to updates in these engines, which have led to upgrades in our software. Given the smaller volumes (after all not that many people want to learn accounting!) and low prices, we simply cannot afford to support the software into the indefinite future.

  • We have had significant problems with illegal sharing and piracy. Expiry dates limit these problems to some extent.

  • In contrast to software packages such as Microsoft Word that help you produce content but do not have content themselves, the Financial Accounting Tutor is based on content. We want to ensure that old and obsolete content does not remain floating around.

    We hope you understand our reasons for disabling the software after the expiry date and enjoy the lower price!