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Before you read this page

Please note that shutting down and restarting the computer often fixes many problems with installation and use of the software.

Issues with Installation

Issues with Using the Software after Installation

Installation Instructions

Installing from the downloaded file

  1. The installation will start. Follow instructions on your screen. As mentioned in the requirements, you do need to have proper access privileges in corporate settings.

Installing the software on a network or a server

Only the corporate version of the software is networkable. Given the large size of the files and possible simultaneous use of the files, it is not advisable to install the software on a server and run it directly from client machines. The software needs to be installed on the hard drive of each client machine. Once installed on each client machine, the software does not need to access the server. The client machines have all files necessary to run the software.

The task of installing the software on each client machine has been simplified.

  1. Easiest method: Install the software on the server. Copy the files from the directory "c:\fact" (or the directory chosen at the time of installation) to all client machines using the LAN. This is possible because this software installs all its files to a single directory. You can copy the required shortcuts and program groups or recreate them on each client machine. The program needs only one shortcut to the file "fact.exe", which is the executable file that starts the tutorial. This method is also suitable for computer clusters that create a disk image that is duplicated on all client machines.
  2. Copy the CD-ROM to a directory on the server. Run setup.exe on the server from each client machine. This method automatically creates the program groups on each client.

Caution: Read this before you install a new version over an older version

Your notes and bookmarks from the old version CANNOT be transferred to the new version. Reinstalling the existing version or installing the new version overwrites ALL files from the old version including the notes and bookmarks. We strongly recommend that you uninstall the existing version and delete the directory into which the software was installed (typically, c:\fact) before reinstalling the existing version or a new version.

What should I do if my software is expired?

As mentioned in the versions page, the software ceases to function after the expiry date. The reasons for expiry and what you need to do once the software is expired are explained on the expiry page.

Cannot view all chapters after installing the full version over the trial version

If you are unable to access all chapters after installing the full version over the trial version, then uninstall the software and delete the directory into which you installed the software (e.g.,c:\fact). Then, reinstall the full version. This problem occurs because the full version does not overwrite the trial version.

Screen size is too small

The higher the display resolution of your display, the lower the screen size. The ideal display resolution for our software is 800x600. This leaves some space around the screen. If you want maximum display area to be used, run your display at 640x480. The help file included in the software gives detailed instructions on how to change the display resolution.

The text does not appear properly formatted and overflows some text boxes

As mentioned in the requirements, the software requires the screen to be set to "small fonts," which is the standard setting on Windows. Your screen is most likely set to "large fonts." Please consult the help file provided with the software for instructions on changing the font size.

You are unable to print the chapter screens

We do not guarantee that the "print" feature will work on all printers, especially those that are networked. Although we have tested printing on many printer configurations, it is beyond our means to ensure printing on all printer configurations. If you are having trouble printing, please try pressing the "Ctrl" key while you click the "Print' button. You will get a different dialog box that allows more control and may work on your printer.

You are unable to access your notes and bookmarks

The notes and bookmarks are saved in a file called "notebook.tbk" on your hard drive. If this file is missing or corrupted, you will not be able to access your notes and bookmarks. One possible reason for corruption is if you switched off the computer or the computer crashed while the file was being saved. This is why we strongly recommend that you periodically backup the file "notebook.tbk" from the directory into which you installed the software. (Typically, c:\fact.)

  • Before trying any of the following options, please save the existing "notebook.tbk" into a separate directory and email it to support@almaris.com. Depending upon the extent of corruption, we may be able to recover some of your notes and bookmarks if we have the time and the resources available when you send us the file. Please note that this is only a courtesy service and we make no guarantees about our ability to recover data from corrupted files. We also do not promise any turnaround time.
  • To start with a blank copy of notes and bookmarks, please uninstall the software and delete the directory into which you installed the software. Reinstall the software. This will NOT RESTORE your notes and bookmarks but at least you will be able to start afresh.
  • To restore the notes and bookmarks from your backup copy "notebook.tbk", simply copy your backup file to the directory into which the software is installed (typically, C:\fact). Please note that this will only restore the notes and bookmarks that were saved in the backup file.

You are unable to save your notes and bookmarks and get the message "This file is read only in DOS."

The notes and bookmarks are saved in a file called "notebook.tbk" on your hard drive. This message can appear if for some reason, the "read-only" attribute of "notebook.tbk." You can check this attribute by right clicking the file in Windows explorer and selecting "properties" from the menu.

You want to export your notes and bookmarks to another word processing packages such as Microsoft Word

Click the "export" button while viewing your notes or bookmarks.

You are unable to cut and paste from the software

The software does not allow users to cut and paste from the software. You can only cut and paste from the calculator into the answer boxes and from your notes.