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Before You Buy

Please do not buy the product from Amazon or other retailers as they sell older, expired versions.

We had a licensing arrangement with John Wiley publishers until April 2006. John Wiley publishers contracted with several on-line retailers to sell our product. We ended our relationship with Wiley in April 2006, and do not have any arrangements with any other publisher or retailer to sell our product. We do so because in our experience, the on-line retailers sell older, expired versions of our product and do not remove them from their catalogs in spite of repeated requests from us.

If you buy our product from anyone else, they are not authorized to sell it and we cannot support it. [We get no revenue from such sales.] We recommend that you ask them for a refund as there is nothing we can do.

Please read about the system requirements, versions, and their expiry dates before buying the software. You can always try the free download version.


The price of the software is $165 plus applicable sales tax and shipping and handling. The price of the on-line assessments is $100 per person. For more information about our extensive on-line assessment system, please click here. Please contact us to purchase the software.